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Spink and Son Ltd

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69 Southampton Row Bloomsbury

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Tel. 0207 563 4000
Fax. 0207 563 4068


Spink, founded in 1666, is located in Bloomsbury in the heart of London, very close to the British Museum. We are specialist dealers and auctioneers in coins, banknotes, medals, stamps and numismatic books. We publish standard works of reference in most areas of the numismatic subject from ancient times up to the present day, and we offer an excellent illustrated selection of new and second hand major works on the subject from all around the world.



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Generally books sent within the UK are sent by DHL or Royal Mail. We will select the cheapest method, however for the more expensive books a special courier service will arranged. Items are not insured unless that service is specifically requested and paid for.

Spink reserves the right to change information on the Website at any time and from time to time without any notice or liability to you or any other person. Items listed on the Website are subject to availability, and may not be available when ordered or afterwards. The Items offered on the Websites are invitations for purchase orders, and shall not constitute binding offers to sell. Your properly completed and delivered invoice constitutes your offer to purchase the Items referenced in your order. Your order will be accepted only if and when we the Bookseller sends an order acceptance and shipping notice to Your email address.

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